FAQ 1, Is Tiresias Mist safe?
Tiresias Mist is safe for plants, humans, and animals.
FAQ 2, Can I use more than the recommend amount?
More is not better with this product. 3-4 mists each day on a maximum of two branches is safe and effective.
FAQ 3, When should I start spraying for auto-flower strains?
For auto-flower strains, start spraying when the plant is five inches high.
FAQ 4, When should I see pollen sacs?
There is a delayed effect so be patient. You'll usually see the pollen sacs in about a week after the spraying cycle.
FAQ 5, Can I use the pollen created on the same plant it was harvested from?
Yes, you can use the pollen harvested on the very same plant it was harvested from to make clone seeds that will all have female genetics.
FAQ 6, Is it safe to cross strains?
There are approximately 256,000 possibilities of crossing, so in other words, go crazy!